2016 Freeride model

Designed for the intermediate/ advanced kitefoiler who not only wants to go fast, but also likes to practice  his/her foot transitions skills and wants to get to a higher level. This model is also suitable for the ambitious starter, because of it’s stability and forgiveness.

The kitefoil has quite a big speed range. It has a low take off speed, and will come out of the water around 10 knots of board speed, depending on your weight.  The foil will fly stable to at least 25 knots.

The foil weights +- 2500 g and has a robust design and unique building process. Therefore the full carbon kitefoil is strong, light and stiff. The standard kitefoil comes with an angled mast, with a length of 100 cm.

For more technical information about the foil, please click here.


Freeride/race board

The high floatation raceboard inspired model is specially designed shape matches the kitefoil. The board has a round nose with tucked under the edge railes for an easy take off.

It has multiple foot strap options (both for single and footstraps in V), but offcourse it can also be ridden strapless.

The board size is 157 cm x 50 cm and provides plenty of stability and area to move around. With a thickness of 6 cm and a volume of 31L, the board also gives enough floatability when needed. The deck covered foam gives you plenty of traction and several color options are available.

Overall, the board provides maximum comfort while keeping weight and wind drag low. For more technical information about the board, please click here.

It’s also possible to get a custom shaped board, for questions please contact



Dutchfoils is the first Dutch kitefoil company. All products are designed, developed and built in the Netherlands. Dutchfoils is offering a complete and special designed kiteboard with hydrofoil.

Developed for those who like to enjoy the latest development in the kitesurf sport.
Dutchfoils products are designed and built using the best methods and materials available.
Riding a Dutchfoils kitefoil makes you go faster, sharper upwind and gives you an overall smoother kitesurfing experience.

Join the hydroflight!


  • Go faster
  • Go sharper upwind
  • Go kitesurfing, even in low winds!

"It feels like flying!"


It all started with a passion for building (kite)surfboards, snowboards and fins. And of course, testing and riding these boards.

Redmar Molenkamp has over 15 years experience with composite materials. He has a professional career indeveloping structural resins and doing applied research on composite materials.

foto mij in werkruimte_klein


We are proud of our products. Therefore we take our service very seriously. When you choose for a Dutchfoils kitefoil, we guarantee you an outshining quality product.

We offer you a full service extended garantuee for normal use of 12 months.


groepsfoto kitefoil dagDutchfoils foilboardLast Saturday we were very lucky to have great conditions at this super fun kitefoil event in Scheveningen!
14 competitors raced 4 races and there was the opportunity to test all kinds of kitefoils and foil kites.

Thanks  to Sander, Bram and Jumpteam for this great event!

Wind, sun, chop, cold and busy!

A windy sunday with beautiful, but cold weather from the east.

Medemblik turned quite busy but still i had a lot of fun kitefoiling

check out the pictures!

DSC_1076 DSC_1093 Medemblik

OBK Kiterace 27/09/2015

At Knokke Heist The OBK Kiterace 27/09/2015 Dutchfoils was prestented by Bauke Visser;

Check out some pictures from VVW Heist:


Dutchfoils will continue at Maak Haarlem

From today, the company Yourshape Composites, with it’s brandname Dutchfoils will continue it’s activity’s at the Maak Haarlem terrain.

In this melting pot of 3d design and craftsmanship entrepreneurs, Dutchfoils expects to be in the right place and  will be able to expand.









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New angled mast

Unique to the kitefoil hydrofoil discipline is the Dutchfoils angled mast. The mast is tilted forward for multiple reasons. This new design allows the rider to fly higher to the water surface without risking a ventilation collapse, the mast end is placed closer to the front wing which ensures a stiff front wing connection and the angle creates an even more hydrodynamic horizontal section profile.

angled mast kitefoil2

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