Kitesurfing on a Dutchfoils kitefoil is the greatest way to enjoy (light wind) days from 8 knots and up!

Particularly suitable for the ambitious starters, intermediates in kitefoiling who don’t want to get bored to soon on a dedicated “learning foil”.

Go smoother, faster and have amazing upwind abilities!

The foil is maneuverable, playful and stable enough to reach speeds of 50 km/h. Also suitable for racing.

  • Smooth riding!
    No chop, and it’s better for your knees.
  • Amazing upwind abilities
    Make upwinders too!
  • Light wind fun!
    Don’t sit and wait on the beach for more wind
  • Learn and practice new stuff
    Never get bored and learn new moves!


100% Quality product, proudly designed and made in The Netherlands.

The Full Carbon kitefoil is light, super stiff and strong and made using a specially adapted production technique.

The foil has a mast length of 1m and only weights about 2,5 kg.

More interchangeable wings are or will be available soon.



The matching board is superstrong and lightweight. (made with glassfiber, carbon and epoxy with a sandwich deck).

The board has quite some volume  to take off quickly. With multiple footstrap options using strong stainless steel inserts.

 free/race board dimensions: 157cm x 50 cm 4kg, 31L. ->ask for custom!


About us

It all started with a passion for building (kite)surfboards, snowboards and fins.
And of course, testing and riding these boards.

Redmar is the founder and owner of Yourshape Composites, of which Dutchfoils is the brandname for the kitefoils.

He has a professional career in R&D and has over 15 years experience and doing applied research on composites and fibre reinforced plastic materials.

We Care

We are proud of our products. Therefore we take our service very seriously.
When you choose for a Dutchfoils kitefoil, we guarantee you an outshining quality product.
We offer you a full service extended garantuee for normal use of 3 years.

upwind ability_Degrees
smooth ride

"Join the hydroflight!"

pictures by shootsbycnc

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